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* I'm still alive, as some of you may have noticed by the changing picture in the 'Featured Deviation' section on my front page. I simply haven't had the time to write anything, nor did I feel I had any reason to give you any updates since I haven't really had any pieces of art to show you guys yet. Well, okay, there's a bunch of stuff but they're of the nature I cannot post them on deviantART.

* My commission for :icontoonspew: was completed last week and you can get the picture from my blog. One commission remains, for :iconmechaghidorah:, which I'll begin working around September.

* While I've been working full-time as usual during the summer, I've continued working on my art, even if it's with a slower pace. So far, all the stuff has been too hot for deviantART, so don't expect to see much new drawings over here for little while. Instead, go to the usual places (my blog and Paheal) to check out the finished pieces. There'll be one published later this week.

* The seven-year-long wait for :iconsadarax: has finally ended: I've finally started watching Hey Arnold! which is a show he insisted that I check out way back in the day we first got to know each other. My reasons for post-poning it have varied, although one of them was that I was afraid of a situation where I end up liking the show so much, it will be nothing else I want to draw for a while than just HA! stuff. Well, guess what – that's exactly what happened, so expect some of that in the future. The show is absolutely brilliant, and a strong contender for being one of the greatest modern-day cartoon series of all time. The worst I can say about it is that some of the episodes just don't hold my interest, but even then they are usually well-written.

* I opted not to go see any of the major summer blockbusters this year. I'm going to wait for home/rental video to make them available since the ticket prices are just insane. Also, from what I've heard, only Inside Out and Jurassic World have been worth it. I already made a mistake by paying money to see Mad Max: Fury Road in theaters, mostly because of its ridiculous socio-political commentary that ruined what could've otherwise been the most entertaining film of 2015.

* Rick and Morty S2 had its first two episodes leaked on the web but I'd recommend waiting for them to air. Why? The leaked videos are in poor image quality and the audio goes off-sync half-way into the episodes. Still, looking very good so far, can't wait to see them in proper quality!

* I've been listening to Rob Paulsen's Talkin' Toons podcast at work and I ran into something that I may have to update into the TFOP answer essay at one point. Turns out Daran Norris was asked by Butch Hartman to change the pitch of Cosmo's voice because the character types and dynamics were being completely rewritten... very interesting, especially since I thought it was something that was changed slowly throughout the first two seasons.
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Hey guys, can you drop me some points to help me extend this useless Premium membership BS? I mean, this thing allows me to do all sorts of shiny crap and also hold polls that don't really have any effect on what I will be drawing next because I'm a stubborn douchebag. Or, if you're bad enough dude, you can just directly purchase me more time.

Anyway, I appreciate it!

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Dustin Decker
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I like drawing pretty cartoon ladies.


I would be very happy if you did not take any of the following text as a "holier-than-thou" statement. I do not wish to imply that I'm "too good" for something, I simply just don't like or care about something and that's all there is to it. Also, the strict nature of the text comes from my frustration of people asking me the same thing over and over and over again. That is bound to irritate almost anyone in the long run.


- do not request art
- do not ask me to do an art trade
- do not ask me to draw your OCs
- do not ask me to read your fan fic(s)

I will only take these questions account if you can find yourself listed as my friend in the Friends section below.

If you see pics in my gallery that deviate from these rules, they are either old deals made before these guidelines or something I've decided to do on my own will. Call me selfish but I draw mainly for myself as it keeps me motivated.

Commission guidelines and information can be found here:

I welcome critique and suggestions regarding what to draw next, although I will not promise anything. But seriously though, critique is okay, you can be harsh too, I won't start crying over something like that. After all, the purpose of proper critique is to help people improve and become better at what they do.


- trace from my art
- edit my art without mentioning it's edited (see below)
- repost my art as yours

Keep in mind that those stealing my art WILL get caught and I will spread the word to my colleagues about them. I will also write a journal entry where I offer proof of the said delinquency. Repeat offenders will get their names added to my list of blocked deviants.

I do not necessarily mind edits (such as nude edits, colour changes, removing/replacing characters, meshing my art with other people's art) but please, make it clear that it's not 100% my work anymore. If you absolutely feel like editing my art, please include 'Edited by' and your signature. Please note that simply tracing my art and releasing it as your own does not count as an edit.

Even if I draw fan art of BH cartoons, I'm not necessarily very fond of them (but I do like the early 'TFOP' episodes).

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